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Consortium of breeders

Pomarancina is a native sheep breed saved from the risk of extinction by a group of farmers coming from the Alta Val di Cecina area. Those farmers then decided to institute the Consortium situated in Pomarance (province of Pisa).

Bred in a semi-wild state, Pomarancina is a meat breed for the production of heavy lambs that are fed with sheep’s milk and natural fodder. A rigid regulation concerns the farming techniques, the collective mark and the meat processing.

The farms are mostly placed in the province of Pisaand, in particular, in the municipalities called “of origin” for the Pomarancina breed (Pomarance, Montecatini Val di Cecina, Castelnuovo Val di Cecina and Volterra).

The Consortium, established in 2008 and composed of 15 companies, guarantees the meat traceability up to the final consumer. It also manages the production and sale of sausages and sauces,further enhancing the meat quality.

The farmers passion, their attention to the animal’s well-being and a natural alimentation make the Pomarancino lamb meat appreciated in the best restaurants and butcher shops of the area, from the coasts of Bibbona to the hinterland of Pisa and the Chianti hills.

Slow Food recently set up the Comunità del Cibo dell’Agnello Pomarancino. In a modern laboratory meat is processed, preserved and seasoned.







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