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Olive oil extra virgin condiments with aroma Photovoltaic, biomass (olive kernel)

The Frantoio San Luigi was established in Caldana, Gavorrano (GR) in 1992 by Paolo Sabatini’s passion for his homeland and fruits which offers every season, particularly for olive trees and olive oil. Memories for his childhood passed between old mills and ancient grindstones of country brought Paolo to found his mill reproducing the same atmosphere and fragrances he could taste when he was child.
So, 25 years ago he built the Frantoio San Luigi equipped by traditional grindstones and presses and starts to produce oil from quality selected olives like Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino and Correggiolo.
Even if linked to traditions he always pays attention to technology innovations focusing on maximal quality production results. Indeed, nowadays the production cycle complies with the modern processing methods meanwhile the original ancient and traditional equipment became a didactic, historical and cultural destination of the territory.
Since 2007 till 2010 the Frantoio San Luigi has invested in renewable energies transforming the production cycle into 100% ecofriendly.
Olive pomace is a by-product of the olive oil production process and consists of kernels, pulps and olive pit fragments. Olive kernels are turned to an alternative biomass fuel used for biomass boiler, the olive pulp is used by biogas plants and the wastewater is regained and used like fertilizer on fields. In the end there is photovoltaic plant installed on the mill’s roof which provides all necessary energy.
The Frantoio San Luigi takes part of “Comunità del Cibo ad Energie Rinnovabili della Toscana”, the world’s first food community of the local businesses operating in the food industry which use clean and renewable energies in their manufacturing cycles ensuring environmental sustainability. The passion of Paolo became the passion of his whole family too. Together they are producing every season a fresh, healthy and first-class quality olive oil produced with love and experience.







Gavorrano (GR) - Loc. Basse di Caldana
Phone: +39 0566 81790