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Homestyle bread with type 2 flour, wood-fired oven

Pane di Montegemoliwas baker for the first time in 1986 in Montegemoli, a small medioeval town in Tuscany. A typical artisan homestyle bread, it preserves the principles and features of the bread that was once made in the Tuscan countryside using natural ingredients.

The flour, classified as type 2, is produced exclusively at Fabbrica di Peccioli’s Ancient Molino Artigianale Messerini.It’s a special meal that keeps the grain’s fibre and germ, allowing the bread to remain unchanged for days without losing its flavor and fragrance.

The oven, lined with baking stone, is heated with local wood. This bread is a certified Prodotto Agroalimentare Tradizionale della Regione Toscana(Traditional Agro-food Product of the Tuscan Region). It can be purchased in many stores, ordered by mail or tasted in restaurants in many Tuscan provinces.








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