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Bread and sweets made with chestnut flour

Chestnuts dried in a wooden drying room

Panificio Montomoli, located in the mining village of Boccheggiano, in the heart of the Colline Metallifere (Metalliferous Hills), produces a wide range of flavors typical foodstuffs inside of a simple and healthy cooking.

Bakery’ owner Andrea Montomoli learned from his father the bread-making techniques and therefore he works without artificial aids like the use of "chemical enhancers" or "leavening cells", offering natural and genuine products in line with the traditions of his homeland.

Andrea is landowner for several years of a chestnut wood with a traditional wooden biomass drying room, restored by a group of passionate countrymen, which produces about 15 annual tons of dried chestnuts, destined to become the chestnut flour used to produce bread, schiacce, cakes, various pastries and especially the Panforte Boccheggianese, created by a special process of this flour, dried figs and almonds.

And 'so that starting from a proposal made by the President of the “Associazione di Valorizzazione Castagna Alta Maremma” (Valuation Chestnut High Maremma) and the Convivium leader of the “Slow Food Monteregio”, Montomoli Bakery has created a line of high quality products named “at zero Km”, which are based upon the local chestnut flour and represent a niche in the best of its production.

Besides the chestnut flour, Montomoli uses in its products also the extra virgin olive oil, the cinta senese lean fat pig named scriccioli, seasonal fruits and vegetables for schiacce and cakes and local honey trying to use more and more widespread the raw materials of his territory.










Montieri (GR) - Fraz. Boccheggiano
Phone: +39 0566 998044