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Organic farm for the production of basil and its derivatives (pesto), aromatic and ornamental plants in geothermal greenhouses

Created to employ people with mental illness, physical and social disabilities, the Cooperativa Sociale Parvus Flos(a social cooperative) based its operations in the municipality of Radicondoli, in the geothermal area surrounded by the green of the Carlineand has a cultivable area of 30.000m2, which is divided into two operating units: Radicondoli(SI - 20.000 m2) and Monterotondo Marittimo(GR - 10.000 m2).

The use of geothermal fluidto heat the farm’s greenhouses is both ideal for its production and also protects the environment by reducing CO2emissions. All products bear the “100% Clean Energy”mark because even the electricity used comes from renewable sources.

The company cultivates aromatic plants, geraniums, cyclamen and poinsettias, and produces 40 tons/year of basil (and 800.000 units of basil’s vases)for large distribution channels and for the production of pesto alla Genovese(a basil and pine nut sauce). Parvus Flos ischarter member of Renewable Energy Food Community.






Radicondoli (SI)
Tel. +39 335 8715138