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The cooperative Il Quadrifoglio was set up in the 1990s, having a steady increase in its activities, mainly working in the territory of the Monte Amiata (on both sides: the Grossetano and the Senese one) and in the municipalities of Pitigliano and Sorano. It has an organisational structure made by 150 employees, 120 of which are partners. After fusing with a cooperative B can develop new projects, in addition to the social assistance activities of sector A, from which new sectores come, like Creactivity ADV that deals with creativity, advertisement and communication. One of the last projects conducted by the cooperative is the social farming, developed in Podere Bazzino, located near the village of Castel del Piano. Podere Bazzino has been entirely modernised by Quadrifoglio and works as an intermediate path in order to make the psichiatric subjects residing in the foster home “La Faggia” in Santa Fiora to reach their autonomy and independence. Podere Bazzino has an external area of one hectar used as agricultural land, as well as four residential places for subjects who live social and working reintegration paths. During the summer it is the ideal place where people with handicap from the Centro Diurno L’Aquilone of Arcidosso can experience social farming laboratories.

We are working on educational paths to do in the farm. The mission of Il Quadrifoglio is to increase the agricultural production (vegetables, fruits…)in order to provide not only for its own structures (nursing homes, rehabilitation center…) but also to have the chance to adress to an external market that appreciates the production of genuine products grown in a local farm, valuing the work done by underprivileged people not easy to be placed again in the world of employment. The house is also inhabited by Massimo Bazzino, from whom comes the name of the house and Patrizia, his wife; together they manage the external areas and the farm animals.








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