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Poggio Tondo Az.Agr. Bizzarri Chiara


Our farm is located in the rural Municipality of Scarlino, in an untamed area close to the Natural Reserve of Bandite di Scarlino.; The farm's extension is 14 hectares (35 acres), mostly surrounded by Mediterranean maquis, far away from major roads and sources of pollution.

It is placed inside a unique ecosystem, a birdlife paradise of species not easily found elsewhere. Here one can observe the colourful European bee-eater with blue, yellow and green plumage, or the European roller with azzurine feathers and some owls too. Animals live undisturbed, in the quiet of the Maremma countryside, where roe-deers, hares and wild boars can often be seen. In compliance with the environmental context surrounding us, we chose to abide by an eco-sustainable farming approach, in order to protect biodiversity and the cultural traditions of these places.

We grow different types of cereals, wheat, durum wheat, oats, farro (triticum dicoccum emmer wheat), rye, as well as vegetables produced from non-hybrid seeds, capable of maintaining unchanged the flavours of the past, transmitted until today thanks to the wise work of farmers committed to preserving ancient varieties. The vegetable garden is populated by butterflies, ladybirds and is organized according to the consociations of vegetables and wild plants which, thanks to their root system, manage to work the soil and enrich it with nutritious elements.
No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used; we practice natural, healthy and genuine agriculture to harmonize the farm with nature's laws. In the centuries-old family olive grove we produce extra virgin olive oil, TUSCAN IGP (PGI protected geographical indication). Last autumn we planted one hectare of hazelnuts of the Gentile Romana and Giffoni varieties.

The driving force and fulcrum of the farming enterprise is the Bizzarri family, strongly rooted in the terroir of Tuscan Maremma and custodian farmers of two genotype varieties of ancient grains, the Andriolo and the Gentil Rosso Mutico, and of an ancient olive tree cultivar, the Scarlinese.






Scarlino (GR) - Loc. Poggio Tondo
facebook: AgriturismoPoggioTondoMaremma
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